CT372 Typography for Digital Product Design


  • Prerequisite: CT300 Typography for Digital Content Design
  • Date & Time: Monday 12:10 pm - 3 pm
  • Classroom: Marvin Feldman Center Room 511
  • Semester: Spring 2018
  • Professor: Christie Shin
  • Email: christie_shin@fitnyc.edu
  • Office: D317
  • Phone: 212-217-5651
  • Office Hours: Mon. 3-4, Tue. 2-3, Wed. 2-3, Thu. 2-3
  • Class Website: ChristieShin.com
  • Class google drive: SP18_CT372

Course Description:

The focus of this course is to create a branded digital product. Modern typography, design system, content development, experiential design, digital signage, interaction design, user interface(visual design) and user experience (UI/UX) design principles are discussed throughout the project. Topics covered in this course include, but are not limited to, design thinking methodology, digital product creative process, iterative design workflow, human-centered design, usability and wayfinding systems for interactive design.

Student Learning Outcomes:

    Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:
  1. apply design thinking methodology in the creative process
  2. develop features and content for digital products based on research and Point of View (POV)
  3. apply iterative creative process creating digital products
  4. validate an idea with rapid prototyping methods
  5. develop advanced typography experience and interaction for multi-level design


Create a branded digital product for enhanced wayfinding and beyond–experiential design. This digital product will mainly be used in a specific mall/public space for shoppers, visitors, neighbors, commuters, etc. Students will develop features and content for a digital product where it will be installed in a kiosk, on digital signage, on a tablet or other mobile devices. The focus is to understand content needs and to improve customers’ experiences in both digital and physical spaces. Creative process will be based on the iterative cycle of the design thinking methodology, which consists of empathy, definition, ideation, prototyping, testing and implementation.

This project is a team project. There will be a three student maximum and the scope of work will be based on the number of members.

Unit/Area of Study:



The creative process, design thinking techniques and skills.

Week 1-7 (7 lecture/14 studio hours)

Definition/Research/Interpretation (3 weeks) :

  • Research
  • Interview (at least 5)
  • Insight/POV
  • Persona
  • Empathy mapping
  • Journey maps

Idea Generation (3 weeks):

  • Generate ideas/find creative solutions
  • Features/concepts
  • Brainstorming
  • Benchmarking technique
  • Value proposition canvas

Proposal presentation: Midterm checkpoint (week 7)



Experiential design, digital signage, design system, interaction and enhanced wayfinding system.

Week 8-13 (6 lecture/12 studio hours)


Content development (3 weeks):

  • Define a scope of work
  • Collect/create content
  • Low-fidelity prototyping/simulation

Design development (3 weeks):

  • Visual design
  • Design system
  • UI/UX design
  • Hi-fidelity prototyping
  • Motion graphics


Test the solution alternatives by using prototypes, and refine them based on target user’s feedback.

UNIT 3 – Professional presentation of a digital product


Presentation, case study reel

Week 14-15 (2 lecture/4 studio hours)


Behance page:

  • Width: 1440 px
  • Simple gif animation

Case study reel:

This project is a professional presentation of a digital product that students created. This digital product pitch will clearly demonstrate the digital product’s features and content with informational typography and/or voice over. Students begin with storyboarding for the key features and record a prototype created by InVision or other prototype tools such as Principle, After Effects.

  • Screen size: 1920x1080 px
  • Length: Max 2 minutes

Final presentation: Proof of concept (week 15)


    80% Project
  • Research finding & proposal: 30%
  • Midterm presentation: Digital product prototypes – proof of concept, simulation: 30%
  • Behance page & case study reel: 20%
  • 20% Attendance and professionalism

Department Policies:

Attendance is not optional. If you are going to miss a class, you must contact the instructor via telephone or email ASAP. If a class is missed, it is your responsibility to get information regarding missed assignments and lectures from one of you classmates.

  • Students are required to attend all classes, be on time, and remain for the entire class.
  • Students who are absent for 3 classes will receive a grade of "F."
  • Student who arrives 10 minutes after the start of the class will be considered late
  • 2 late occurrences = one absence
  • A student who arrives over 1 hour late or not returning from the break will be consider absent from the class
  • An excused absence is still considered an absence

Week 1 1/29/2018 Mon

INTRODUCTION / Definition / Research

Define the challenge of a specific group of people

1. Introduction of class, syllabus, projects

2. Lecture

- Project introduction
- Design Thinking Methodology
- Project definition
- Research strategies and tactics
• Persona
• Ethnographic research

3. In-class workshop

- Team formaing
- Pre-visit research

4. Next week

- 3-5 interviews

Week 2 2/5/2018 Mon

Field trip / site research

Experience, Interview, and observe the target audience in its own context and identify its needs, problems and expectations associated with the defined challenge.

1. Field trip/site research

- Brookfield place
- Westfield World Trade Center

2. Next week

- Research finding presentation
- Interview report (3-5)

Week 3 2/12/2018 Mon


1. In-class workshop

- Progress review & group discussion
• A chosen location and a target audience

2. Next week

- Reserch on a chosen location and a target audience (2 personas)

------ President Day: College closed (February 19)------

Week 4 2/26/2018 Mon


Detect patterns among research data and use them to generate actionable insights.

1. Lecture

- Empathy mapping
- Affinity diagram

2. In-class workshop

- Progress review & group discussion
• Research findings (project)
• Persona (2)

3. Next week

- Empathy mapping
- Affinity diagram
- Idea generation

------ 2018 International Conference: Design Principles & Practices: Class Canceled. (March 5-9)------

Week 5 3/6/2018 Mon

Interpretation / Idea Generation

With inspiration from the insights, generate ideas for creative solutions that may satisfy the needs and expectations and solve the problems of the target audience.

1. Assignment – submit them in google drive

- Empathy mapping
- Affinity diagram
- At least 3 possible ideas* of your digital product
*List features on each idea (i.e. Interactive kiosk, digital signage, motion graphics, etc.)

2. Next week

- Scenario/storyboard

Week 6 3/12/2018 Mon

Idea Generation

Generate ideas for creative solutions that may satisfy the needs and expectations.

1. Lecture

- Brainstorming
- Benchmarking

2. In-class workshop

- Progress review & group discussion

Week 7 3/19/2018 Mon


1. Next week

- Prototyping: content development
• Define a scope of work (list of items and features)
• Collect/create content (sample content)

------ Spring break (3/26-4/1)------

Week 8 4/2/2018 Mon


Turn selected solution ideas into tangible forms.

Content development

1. In-class workshop

- Progress review & group discussion
• Define a scope of work (list)
• Collect/create content (wireframes)

2. Next week

- Low-fidelity prototype (wireframes, paper prototype, and storyboard)

Week 9 4/9/2018 Mon


Content development

1. In-class workshop

- Progress review & group discussion
• Wireframes, paper prototype, and storyboard

2. Next week

- Prototyping: work-in-progress

Week 10 4/16/2018 Mon


Content development

1. In-class workshop

- Prototyping: work-in-progress
- Content assessment

2. Next week

- Visual design

Week 11 4/23/2018 Mon


Design development

1. In-class workshop

- Visual design

2. Next week

- Design system

Week 12 4/30/2018 Mon


Design development

1. In-class workshop

- Design system

2. Next week

- Prototyping: hi-fidelity prototyping

Week 13 5/7/2018 Mon


Design development

2. In-class workshop

- UI/UX review

3. Next week

- Behance draft & script/storybord for case study reel

Week 14 5/14/2018 Mon

Presentation prep

1. In-class workshop

- Presentation: Behance & case study reel

Week 15 5/21/2018 Mon


Keep and backup all the exercises and projects that you have done throughout the semester! You must submit all your projects for the final grade no later than the last day of class (Week 15)