CT244: Intro to Web Design (SEC101)

Course Information


Course Description

Students acquire a fundamental understanding of internet technology and attain basic web design skills. Topics addressed include hypertext markup language (HTML), cascading style sheets (CSS), digital imaging for the web, and the principles of web design.

Suggest Readings


  • Class Participation: 20%
  • HTML/CSS Quiz: 20%
  • Project 1: 60%
  • (A: 91% or above, B: 90% - 71%, C: 70% - 61%, D: 60% - 51%, F: 50% or below)

Department Policies

Attendance is not optional. This class meets twice a week, therefore you are only allowed two absences. Your final grade will be lower by one full letter grade on your third adsence, and you will receive a "F" grade on the fourth adsence. If you are going to miss a class, you must contact the instructor via telephone or email ASAP. If a class is missed, it is your responsibility to get information regarding missed assignments and lectures from one of you classmates. Two tardy marks equal one absence, and three absences may result in failure of the class.

  1. Students are required to attend all classes, be on time, and remain for the entire class.
  2. Students who are absent for 3 classes will receive a grade of "F."
  3. Student who arrives 10 minutes after the start of the class will be considered late
  4. 2 late occurrences = one absence
  5. A student who arrives over 1 hour late or not returning from the break will be consider absent from the class
  6. An excused absence is still considered an absence

Weekly Outline

Session 1


Session 3


Session 5

  • HTML/CSS Quiz
  • Project 1: Responsive Layout
    Each student will design and hand-code a single-page responsive layout design for a restaurant of his/her choice. Due to the limited amount of time, you do not need to design/code the rest of the site. The purpose of this assignment is to help students gain a better understanding of markup language and getting comfortable with hand coding. Only HTML and CSS are allowed.

Session 6

  • Class Canceled
  • Due: web page content (Google Drive)

Session 8

  • Demonstrations:
    - Web typography techniques and web imaging
  • In-class Workshop

    --- Spring Break!!!! ---

Session 10

  • Due: Project 1 Progress Check Point Review
  • Demonstrations:
    - CSS layout techniques
  • In-class Workshop

Session 11

  • Due: Project 1 Draft Review (10%)

Session 13

  • Lecture/Discussion:
    - What is JavaScript?
  • Demonstrations:
    - Javascript quick demo
  • In-class Workshop

Session 14

  • In-class Workshop

Session 15

  • Project 1 Final Design Presentation

Final Words

Demos, lectures...etc. through out the semester is subject to change. Keep and backup all project files that you have done through out the semester! I will ask you to upload all the files onto a Google Drive Folder at the end of the semester for final grades.